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Load OS with Nothing But Floppys


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got a realy realy old laptop without a cd-rom but a floppy drive... what is a OS that you can load with nothing but floppy disk? Or any other suggestions would be nice as well :D
Windows 3.1, Windows 1.0, Microsoft DOS (any version), and Windows 95.
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Try the following and let us know how you get on

KolibriOS - 1 floppy

Balder - based on FreeDOS - 1 floppy

FreeDOS + OpenGEM - ~10 floppies?

Basic Linux - Slackware 4 + X + e-mail + presentation - 2 floppies

Mungkie - aka 2diskXwin - 2 floppies

Grey Cat Linux - Slackware based with IceWM - ~10 floppies?

Maybe Debian 3.0 (Woody)

or Debian 3.1 (Sarge)

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98 however I've never seen on floppy.

98 has floppies. I believe the number was around 35.

I've done a 98 install with floppies. I think it was 33 but you had two extra disks. An emergency boot disk and something else. So ya, 35 does indeed sound right. The problem with 98 on floppies is that maybe disk 32 was bad and you'd be screwed because it would be 2 hours in that you'd find that out.

Also Windows NT 3.51 had a floppy install as well.

I wanted to revise my previous statement. NT 3.51 had a 5.25" floppy install.. :sneaky:

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if you have a spare system, you could try connecting the drive to a system that does have a CD drive and copy the Win9x source to the drive... then all you would need is a Win98 boot floppy and you can start the install from the Hard drive itself.

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