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WINNT\pchealth\helpctr - what is this?


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Warning: I am only guessing!

At a guess I suspect its Help Centre ie the windows help program. The folder probably contains trouble-shooters and other help files. If that's the case, then I'm sure you could delete it without causing too many major problems, especially removing just the trouble-shooters and help (chm) files. However if you actually remove the program, you won't be able access any help files or any files using the chm extension. Also there could be a few issues because there will be registry entries that will no longer be relevant after its removal which may cause errors.

Unless you really need the space I wouldn't do it. To be honest, if you need the space that bad, a better way of doing it would be to nLite your original install media and do a clean reinstall!

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Well, you would definitely get the symptom in KB888018 for a start, and problems if there are future hotfixes for the Help and Support Center delivered through Windows Update.

General rule of thumb I tend to use: don't delete anything under %systemroot%.

You may not need it now, but a) how do you know, and B) how do you know you won't need it in the future?

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