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Vliting Windows Defender and installing Symantec AV


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I noticed that when I removed the Windows Defender in my vlited vista ultimate, Symantec Antivirus Corporate doesn't want to install. But if I leave it there, Symantec installs normally. Just an FYI.

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Corporate is for servers

duno how its works for u

Not exactly... Corporate has a choice when your installing whether your installing on a server or a client.

Maybe instead of Vliting it out, you can just disable the defender and it will work>?

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By default, Symantec AV tries to disable Windows defender during install - therefore, you will need to install it with the command line in the article I linked above to "skip" that step. I honestly don't know if that will work for sure (if they put an explicit check in the installer to see if defender is installed for instance, it'll probably fail), but it's worth a shot.

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you mean install it with this command?


hmm.. I gotta try this and just put it in install.bat inside the folder. Though I need to change the liveupdate and check for updates to 1. Thanks for the tip :)

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