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Encrypt as well as set archive password in rar


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Is it possible to encrypt as well set archive password in rar files?

AFAIK you can do either one of them. Can both be done at the same time? I have seen such rar archives though.

Like this perhaps?

Switch -HP[pwd] - encrypt both file data and headers


This switch is similar to -p[p], but switch -p encrypts only file data and leaves other information like file names visible. This switch encrypts all sensitive archive areas including file data, file names, sizes, attributes, comments and other blocks, so it provides a higher security level.

Without a password it is impossible to view even the list of files in archive encrypted with -hp.

add the file report.txt to the encrypted archive secret.rar using the password 'fGzq5yKw'

WinRAR a -hpfGzq5yKw secret report.txt

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Is it possible to encrypt as well set archive password in rar files?

When you use a password, the files in the archive ARE encrypted. You can't set a password without encrypting. The password hash is used to decrypt the files.

Unless you meant encrypting the file names too, and of course there's an option for that in the same place you enter your password, see the screenshot:


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