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Slipstreaming 21Mb of MSU Files Made The ISO 57Mb Bigger!


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I integrated the post SP1 hotfixes into my Vista SP1 source.

Problem is, integrating these 21Mb worth of MSU files has made the ISO size 57Mb bigger!

On Windows XP you could integrate over 600 hotfixes into it (all post SP2, I mean 120 or so public ones and all 500+ of the others too) and that only increased the size by 0.02Mb - see my point?

Whats the deal with Vista? Why does it add double the size of the MSU files to the resulting ISO?

Because of hotfix uninstallers?

vLite cannot remove those though, can it?

I can add these files to my ISO and install them "post install" from a command line but I don't really like that, it takes extra time to install etc.

If theres no way around this I guess I will just have to install them silently after installation of Vista is finished.

I was including some hotfixes that are not "Important" though.

Heres all the post SP1 hotfixes that are important...









These "Important" hotfixes add up to 15.7Mb.

My ISO is 672Mb before integrating those.

When I integrate these, the ISO is 733Mb!


So it adds 61Mb to the ISO size! OMFG thats 4x the size of the MSU files!

Heres the old topic where I was asking the exact same thing in November 2007, it wasn't answered then so = ?


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What's the big deal?

1 - Slipstreaming hotfixes into Windows XP never added size to the ISO.

2 - vLite is supposed to make your ISO smaller, I "slipstreamed" 15.7Mb of hotfixes, it made the ISO 60Mb bigger.

3 - This means a 672Mb ISO becomes 732Mb when you could just add the 15Mb of MSU hotfixes to install afterwards - then your ISO is 672 + the 15.7Mb = 687.7Mb. Easily fits on a CD still.

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Sounds like you want to have your cake and eat it too.............

If it can no longer fit on a cd so be it. Vista wasn't meant to be on a cd in the first place.

Not trying to sound like a douche, just saying.

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It doesn't NEED to go on a DVD - thats the lazy a$$ way of doing things.

It can fit on a CD in the past, it also does with SP1, its only these MSU hotfixes adding to it.

These hotfixes can be slipstreamed into it without it storing the backups but vLite does not do this!

I am sure the WAIK does allow this, a "-nobackup" option.

I don't get how 15Mb of MSU files adds 60Mb to the ISO.

It should in theory add zero bytes like it always used to with 99% of Windows XP hotfixes when using nLite on XP.

vLite is about making your ISO smaller dude - you can't just say its not!

Why are you even here if you can just have it on a DVD - if thats the case you have 4.3GB to play with.

Its the challenge of getting it on a 700Mb CD. If it were my religion, you'd have to respect it so then its my religion - I won't make an ISO over 700Mb, my god said so.

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2 LeveL: cause you were so lazy i did it for you. i went to microsoft.com to their knowledge base and searched for these information abou the hotfixies. 75% of these hotfixies add new files, that weren't in the original. a lot of files.

so in my point of view it is possible that it is "growing". :(

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I don't get how 15Mb of MSU files adds 60Mb to the ISO.

Quite simple, actually. First, you get the MSU stored as-is in the image, then uncompressed in WinSxS, then preinstalled in the actual windows folders and probably some other places in different ways that the single instance storage algorithm can't cope with.

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