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Services settings permanent


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Greetings from Leon Springs, Texas USofA,

Excuse me for being so dumb, but; how would I go about making my settings in 'Services' Menu Bar 'View' Add/Remove Columns and Customize selections not have to be redone each time this is openned.

My system is up2Date in my sig, Thank You for reading my request poster,

P.S. Did do a search for Services Settings and found nothing that covers my inquiry.

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Create your own MMC:

Launch MMC.

Add the Services snap-in.

Customize it the way you want.

Save to the file name you like.

Launch this "new" services console view instead of the default services.msc and your customizations will be set.

Excuse me for not having been here since Jun23,08 but have been and still chasing another problem. This one first, thank you for this information and now how do you go about doing this creating my own MMC? I am a Retired Journeyman Electronics Tech with NO training or any experince with software. Is this done using a text editor, I have JGSoft's EditPadLite. Where do I find the Services snap-in? I presume you are referencing creating another Icon for Services with an added command line switch to use my Preferences.

My other problem will be posted in another thread if I do not solve it before hand,

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...how do you go about doing this creating my own MMC?...Where do I find the Services snap-in?
The MMC is a generic console that uses .MSC files to remember views.

A lot of the administrative tools used in Windows are just shortcuts to .MSC files, so when clicked they open MMC and bring a standard layout up depending on which component they are meant to adminster.

Click Start, then Run.

Type mmc, then press enter - this will launch a blank Microsoft Management Console window.

Click File, then Add/Remove Snap-in.

Scroll down the list of available snap-ins on the left, double-click Services, then click Finish, then OK.

Arrange your panes as you like, then click File, then Save.

Browse to a convenient location to save your shortcut and give it a meaningful name*, then click Save.

Now close your MMC window and double-click on the file you saved - it should re-open the same view you just had.

* A convenient location on XP might be C:\Documents and Settings\(your username)\Start Menu, and a meaningful name something like Services MMC.

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