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Does this look right? (System Propeties Screen-Cap)


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Excluding the silly pictures covering my serial number.

I was surprised it says Version 2002 when the Service Pack 3 is form 2008.

Also, Windows Messenger, IE, and Outlook Express were all present upon completion of my nLite installation. I specified those components be removed.

I should note that my installation was not problem free. Just as XP looked like it was about to finish installing, the computer would restart and I would have to do the same process over again. I allowed this to occur several times. So finally I swapped out the streamlined CD and put in the original CD that came with PC, before quitting the installation and restarting the computer. Then it prompted me to insert the Windows XP Service Pack 3 CD I had created so I put that back in and the same thing happened. It looked like it was fully installed and then it restart and prompted me to choose a spot to install XP. So then I took the CD out and restarted and then it went right to welcome screen and everything looked fine. Except my wireless USB network adapter's driver had not installed as it should have. And the inclusion of IE, Outlook, and Windows Messenger has me perturbed.

Thanks for any help!


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1) 2002 is normal.

2) "prompted me to choose a spot to install XP" Are you pressing any keys when, upon the computer first starting, it says "Press any key to boot from CD..." ?

I'm not sure about your other problems. Finally, welcome to the forums.

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