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Localized (Hebrew) version of WUA 3


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Hi all,

I know this subject has already brought up about a year ago, but I still couldn't find the appropriate solution for it.

When I integrate Windows Update Agent into a Hebrew source of Windows XP Professional using HFSLIP 1.7.7, it's installed in ENGLISH.

I tried changing the Localization string (in PRODSPEC.ini) to Hebrew (it was set to English for some reason), with no success.

The only "trick" I've found is to install it AGAIN silently during T-12 stage (I think it's T-12, it runs from within RunOnceEx.cmd batch file),

but I'm not really happy with that solution. :unsure:

Is there any other way to "tell" HFSLIP to integrate it in HEBREW in the first place???


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HFSLIP checks FP40EXT.INF (2K/XP) or FP50EXT.INF (2K3) to know the source language because it requires less workarounds than when PRODSPEC.INI is checked. PRODSPEC.INI is only checked if the language could not be determined from FP*0EXT.INF.

Your FP40EXT.INF file probably has the localization set to English (just like on Greek sources) so HFSLIP 1.7.7 won't bother to check PRODSPEC.INI additionally which is why editing the file has no effect for you.

But if both FP40EXT.INF and PRODSPEC.INI have the localization set to English on Hebrew sources, it's going to be difficult. If you keep the change you made to PRODSPEC.INI then you can use the latest test release, which does an additional check for the word "Hebrew" in PRODSPEC.INI.

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OK, Thanks for the quick reply... I'll try the test release later! :rolleyes:

Just wanted to know... Will editing FP40EXT.inf have the same effect, i.e. doing that will also work on the 1.7.7 (stable) release?

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You shouldn't edit FP40EXT.INF; it is a setup information file.

In fact, now that I think of it... Can you copy the text in your original PRODSPEC.INI and post it here? Maybe there's still something in there that HFSLIP can use.

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So I'll grab the test release then... too many error posts on that, it freaks me out a bit :\

PRODSPEC.ini content:

[SMS Inventory Identification]

[Product Specification]
Product=Windows XP Professional


It's strange that "ServicePackNumber=0" since the source is SP3 slipstreamed... ohh, well...

PS: Needless to say that PRODSPEC.ini in my English version of WinXP source looks EXACTLY the same.

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I did further investigation on my Hebrew source... Don't know if it could maybe help you in the future releases, but anyway...

Those files exists in I386 directory of the Hebrew source (and doesn't exist in the English one):




Also, the following files include references to Hebrew, and/or the files mentioned above:

HIVESFT.INF (also contains LOTS of Hebrew strings)


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So I'll grab the test release then... too many error posts on that, it freaks me out a bit :\
Look at the dates of the posts. They are comments to all test versions that were released since the thread was started.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. I didn't let the recent change go through into the final HFSLIP 1.7.8. I think I will do something with MFC42xxx.DL_ in the future since it is a usable file for all versions of Windows that are supported by HFSLIP. I only need to see if there are any problems with Chinese (Hong Kong) and Spanish. Thanks for the suggestion.

In the mean time, specify LCIDD=1037 in HFANSWER.INI. That will force HFSLIP to use Hebrew.

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