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Unable to open files from Web with UAC enabled


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I'm unable to open any .doc files directly from the web (eg, hotmail, yahoo mail) when I enabled UAC. MS Word will open but it says it cannot find the file. However, when I turned off UAC, I'm able to open the .doc from the web without any errors.

How do i solve this problem?? Thanks

Please pardon me for my poor English.

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Disable UAC!

Windows XP never had this annoying thing, so why should Vista. I had to setup 14 Vista machines today, and the first thing I did was disable UAC as well as the stupid sidebar. I don't need a nagging popup everytime I try to do something on a system.

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so is there any other solution other than disabling the UAC?

anyway, thanks for your reply!

UAC is doing NOTHING to help you.

Do as you were told and permanently DISABLE IT.

You have already found out that it is causing you trouble.

I do exactly what Thinkster does.....disable UAC on every Vista PC that I have to set up.

If I don't, it will drive my users crazy, with all its Pop-Ups.

I even have a little script to do it, on my Utilities CD....so disabling UAC takes all of one second.

Then if you really want Vista to run well, shut down all the eye candy.

Set all menu's and screens to "Classic".

Good Luck,


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Disabling UAC also disables IE protected mode. That is likely the culprit, not UAC directly. If you put the site(s) in question into trusted sites and disable protected mode for that zone, the problem should abate.

And those of you telling someone you don't know to disable UAC as a matter of course are crazy - UAC is meant to help protect the system, and if it hinders your use consider what you are doing.

If you're that saavy, great, do what you will, but don't preach it to everyone you meet. It does do good and can keep a box more secure. If you're getting UAC prompts all the time, what the hell are you doing?

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I checked my Internet Explorer settings and the Protected Mode is enabled for the Internet Zone. So means that the protected mode is causing this problem?

Seems like it (not sure why at the moment) - try adding one of the sites to the Trusted sites zone, and make sure the "Enable protected mode for this zone...." checkbox is unchecked. Then close / reopen IE and retry.

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