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excludorIsChecked() error

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This fixed a problem I was having too. On WPI boot I'd get this error:

Line: 471
Char: 5
Error: Object Required
Code: 0
Url: file:///C:/DuD30b3/WPI/WPI.hta

(Same error when loading from disc instead of hard drive just with disc's wpi.hta in URL.)

Same bug would get triggered when I checked or unchecked certain install options. Specifically, it'd pop up when the program I checked had an excl condition excluding another install option that wasn't showing up on the list for whatever reason (e.g. because I'd deleted the files already but left the option in my config.js for safekeeping or because there was a typo in the cond statement).

Anyway, installing the new file from this thread fixed the problem.

Well done and thanks for the ongoing effort.



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