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Any opinions on Print Servers?


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Just spent several hours trawling around looking for a wireless print server to enable the household to use my Canon Pixma iP4300 printer. From what ive read there doesnt seem to be any good ones about! These are the thing on my wants list:

WPA-PSK encryption

Bio-directional for spooling, ink tank status reporting or duplex printing

Enough memory print documents with heavy graphics or just big documents

Any suggestions?

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Thanks rendrag.

I think i would be willing to give up Wireless to have bi-directional, the 4 USB ports could be handy. Did you get one of these rendrag? Whats it like printing large docs? ...I suppose if it is bi-directional then it would spool therefore large docs wouldn't be a problem? (thinking out loud!)

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no, I haven't personally used this product. Amazon's users give it generally good reviews, however there is a common consensus that they lack a viable customer support system, so it's almost a "use at your own risk" kind of thing. One of the reviewers recommended the Silex SX1000U as an alternative.

SmallNetBuilder did a head to head comparison (in 2005) of those 2 devices... they were given essentially the same grade. I can only imagine the devices improving in the time since that review though.

if I understand the technology correctly, bi-directional doesn't really help w/ spooling, just with getting data from the device (good for MFPs, ink levels etc...). In fact, I think the ability to print large documents is typically driven by the memory of the printer, and not the print server it's connected to, however I could be mistaken.

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Thanks for the head up on Silex. On Silex's site on the Main USB Device Servers page the Silex SX1000U has been superseded by the U2 (USB 2.0) and the WG(wireless).

A Review of the Silex SX-2000U2 (1 USB port) HERE, when it mentions a SX-5000U2 (4 ports), although i found no reference to this on Silex's site?

Another Head-to-Head of the Keyspan Vs Silex SX-1000U HERE

Unfortunately these seem to be the only products on the market, and they've been around since 2005!! Might have to go with the Keyspan as the Silex is hard to find in the UK!?

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