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Letting NLITE modify HIVESFT.INF files for registry settings.


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Here's my question/request for NLITE so that it can do all the work.

I'd like to make a permanent change to my WIN 2K PRO SP4 install disk for current

Daylight Savings Time updates as of May 21,2008 per KB914387 which lists the registry

settings. Since the setup hive doesn't contain any registry entries for DST, I found out

that the DST registry entries are in the following two files: HIVESFT.INF and WIN95UPG.INF.

Because the DST isn't available for Win 2K OS' unless under an extended support contract ($5K)

and because the DST seems to be changing every 2 months for the last year, I'd like to have

NLITE do all the work. That is I'd go to the KB914387 webpage and copy the registry settings

there whether I've integrated them before or not using NLITE into the HIVESFT.INF and WIN95UPG.INF

files. The registry settings would be put in either a KB914387.txt or .reg file. I wouldn't delete

registry settings from the INF file to eliminate duplication due to me integrating some of them from a

previous month when using this .txt or .reg file. I'd select the KB914387.txt or .reg file for NLITE to

integrate and it would eliminate or overwrite the duplicate registry entries in the HIVESFT.INF and

WIN95UPG.INF for me and add/delete other registry settings as needed, thus eliminating alot of possible

hand jaming errors doing it by hand.

NOTE: The KB914387 also shows in the beginning of the article how to delete whole keys and their subkeys

with one line. Perhaps this can be used as needed in the INF files.

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AFAIk most people running nlite and windows 2000 are using the unofficial sp5 pack. I dont think such a issue is present there.

Kurt Aust has a most excellent guide on making windows 2000 updated to the fullest extent.

I would ask Kurt if this is something needed or not, i dont see how this is a nlite issue.

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