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Has anyone figured out definatively what's needed for IE8?

Bilar Crais

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I'm about to spin the dial again and want to play with IE8 on my next Vlite install. Has anyone figured out what must be kept in order to install IE8? As it is, it looks like this update is failing during the iE8 install: KB944036

"...Windows Internet Explorer 8 Set Success Software Synchronization Windows Update Client successfully detected 0 updates.

{24CFA831-C890-4D5E-B122-225E6FB04350} 2008-05-18 23:20:35:028-0500 1 182 101 {C300DBE5-7BD5-4BA6-9F7A-F368611AB1A0} 501 80073aa2 wusa Failure Content Install Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80073aa2: Update for Windows (KB944036)..."



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First of, have you removed anything from the image you are integrating on? And if u remove anything after integrating ie8, what is that, ?

I wasn't trying to integrate it....I was trying to install after Vista was already installed. The install is failing because the WU that I mentioned above is failing. That WU is in fact IE8. I've figured out a way to integrate IE8 though...

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So i gather you now only need the extraction of the cab and you'r more or less good to go?

I'm more firefox myself, but ie8 might also update other system files used by other applications. So its definitively a step forward ;)

Yeah I think so. The update can't be downloaded from MS (entering the KB # in the MS Knowledge Base search engine yields 0 results), so it must be contained within the IE8 installer. I extracted what I could from the installer, but all I got was an .msu. I've already tried integrating that in the past; it doesn't work. I guess a guy could always start up the installer, and once it get's to the first dialog box of the installer, you could go into windows/softwaredistribution/download and copy it out and paste it elsewhere. That's pretty much what I did today.

I like Firefox too...in fact after stubbornly refusing to install it for years (couldn't stand the hysteria and true believers), I actually became a convert for several months. However, while it's speed is reasonable when first installed, IMHO, it starts to feel bloated once you add a handful of extensions. In contrast, IE7 loads very quickly, while IE x64 loads nearly instantaneously, and renders VERY fast. Your mileage may vary. Unfortunately, IE x64 plugins are slow in coming i.e; Adobe Flash.

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So did you get it working now?

I came over this link explaining .msu extraction. Perhaps worth a look.

Portable firefox, loads very slow, but for me it's a life saver. I can reinstall and do whatever i need, always have same bookmarks, extensions and what not. A must have for me. Ie is ok, but it's too much integrated in the os that i cant stand it. For me it's like asking for trouble.

However, if you'r in for a fun experiment on day, you should try to get hold of a portable firefox and some ramdisk software.

Then install the piclens plugin there. If you have a fast connection you will go over any gallery in notime.

Surfing is absolutely instant then. Ramdisk is brilliant for cache btw. Off topic but..

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I haven't had to time to mess with it, but thanks for the link - looks promising. Incidentally, IE8 is a crashing fool - very unreliable. I suppose that's par for the course, since it's really a developer release. Definitely not ready for prime time, or even day-to-day browsing. Kept getting sysfader:iexplorer.exe exceptions. So, I broke down and installed FireFox 3 rc1. I have to say that I'm suitably impressed.

It launches quicker than it's predecessor, and seems to be pretty quick browsing too. One thing I'll say for Firefox - it's never crashed on me, nor frozen my computer, and there's something to be said for that(!)

Your suggestion for an experiment sounds fun - I'll have to try it. :thumbup

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