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SP3 Slipstream of WinXP


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nLite noob here,

Apologies in advance as I'm new to nLite and slipstreaming. Using nLite 1.4.5 final version and trying to slipsteam both WinXP Professional (clean SP0 retail "official" copy) and WinXP MCE with SP2 already integrated. It both cases the initial stages of install go well until I get the "Invalid CD Key" popup during install. Got about a dozen MCE keys that always worked pre SP3, but none work now that its slipstreamed with SP3. And my XP Pro with a known valid and "uncompromised" reg key also produces the popup of "Invalid CD Key" after I've slipstreamed SP3 to it. I'm doing my slipstreaming work in the Vista Ultimate x64 environment.

Is this a problem with the unattended option I selected in nLite? What the F is going on here? I get the same problem weather I'm doing the attempted install in Virtual PC 2007 or the VMware environment.

Appreciate the help.

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First, welcome to this forum.

Second: why should anybody answer your questions when it is clear that you didn't read even the newest topics on this forum? But I will try my best to answer your post hopping that next time you will try reading something before posting.

Third: MCE slipstreaming is not supported and maybe it will never be - MS doesn't support it.


SP3 on XP Pro: is it Pro VLK? Do you use the latest version of nLite? Because this is a known bug of SP3.

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In silent update to the specific fixes are:

- Slipstream update.exe directly (when you extract SP)

- Slipstream XP SP3 into XP RTM (SP0) under Vista, CDKey issue

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