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How to "configure" nLite for default for XPsp3


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The final(RTM) version of XP sp3 is susposed to come out tomorrow. I want to know which version of nLite to use and how can I make everything default(the way windows XP is normally) except that I do want to include my product key. There is one page that ask all kinds of questions for changes in Windows. I guess you call it the tweak page. If I leave the tweak page alone will that default everything? That is like you normally install windows. Is the v1.4.5 beta 2 version "safe to use" with this final version of sp3 or is it still experimental.


I made some editing note above. I need to know if I leave the tweak page alone will it be like Windows XP default?

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Nlite will only make the changes you want it to change. If all you would like to do is slipstream SP3 and add your Reg number then when you get to the "task selection" in Nlite, choose "service pack" and "unattended". Click next and you can slipstream SP3. When that is done click next and you can add your Reg number. From there make a bootable ISO and burn it to CD.

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