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Error report (on burn) and feature request


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First, i want to congratulate and thank you for these fine tools!

Now, doing a direct burn on a brand new dvd-rw resulted in a non bootable dvd. Writing iso and burning with infrarecorder made things alright.

Also, if i do erase and then write iso (same with nlite, on both my hp and compaq machines), i need to manually eject the cd/dvd before the burn, and once even had to reboot after failed write.

Feature request is pretty simple, for both nlite and vlite i would very much appreciate the option to turn off the page file.

Also, this time just for vlite, it would be really nice to be possible to choose sub-features to remove from tablet pc support. In my case i use it as a pointing + drawing device, so that's lke 700mb extra stuff. Some day thought, it's no biggie.

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I think I can throw one feature request too.

It would be cool to have printer called 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' automatically removed though 1) I don't know what is it for and 2) Thus, I don't need it.

I'm sorry about this post If there's already option to remove it. Haven't find it :)

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