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Help needed (expert blz)


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I have got a little problem with my unattended XP install

I have made a batch file that is gonna launch at the [GuiRunOnce]

Well I have got internet explorer 7 also installated in that one.

But the problem is I cant get the updates installed after.

I tried to google for slipstreams of IE7 but didnt found any.(only Nlite but i dont know how it works)

The problem is after you install internet explorer 7 you need to reboot and after that you need to install the updates.

Is there any way to do this without doing anything so my XP install is completly silent.

Please replay in basic words because im little newbi in this :]

Big thanks in advance for the person who knows the solution

PS : Please replays if you dont understand it or want to know anything more about it

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Hi there, i checked my config(Windows post installer) because i made my dvd a few months ago and now i didn´t remember...

Here´s the switch i use:

IE7.exe /passive /norestart /update-no

It works for me, windows post installer has almost the same method as a batch so i supose it would work for you too.


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Hi you should also consider checking this link out;


Its a program written in autoit. It downloads ALL the updates for windows 2000, 2003, XP and i think maybe for Vista too plus all the versions of office. it then compiles them into an iso if you wish or what ive done is copy it onto my unnattended dvd as it has its own installer too with options such as no reboot. So i know that when i come to use my pc its totally updated!

Hope this helps

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Hmm HFSLIP ... I dont understand this programma i worked with it but its soo difficult i think...

Nlite I dont know how to use that program and I dont got have it

Can some1 maybe upload a slipstream of Internet explorer 7 for me ?

THanks in advance

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If you are not allowed to use nLite and you cannot be bothered reading the HFSLIP help and forum then running its batch file then you have only one option.

You can read the unattended guide, (link at the top of the page); then spend a few weeks reading through the hundreds of posts in our forums which cover this specific subject.

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