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Vista trick


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you can boot to a vista DVD and select language->next->repair windows->command prompt to get access to a non bootable XP machine

things that worked:

could read/write NTFS partitions of the XP install



DVD drive

hot plugging a USB drive (no notification of it - had to guess the drive letter in cmd though)

copy to/from hard disk/usb drive using DOS copy/xcopy

things that didnt work:

networking (duh)




MSOffice12 (yeah i tried it)

still not a huge breakthrough but kinda worth noting incase you ever catch yourself with a XP box that wont do safemode, a vista DVD and no PE type cd

oh and 1 other 'DidYouKnow' type thing:

the hostname used during Vista initial setup (before networking is actually installed) is "MINWINPC"

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