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Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 Slipstreamer - Version 1.5.5 Final

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Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 Slipstreamer, version 1.5.5


- Creating administrative installation of your Office (Enterprise edition required, limitation created by Microsoft, Retail users - to bypass it, look here);

- Slipstreaming service packs into your administrative Office installation;

- Slipstreaming hotfixes into your administrative Office installation (Internet connection not required, no any database required);

- Creating Chained Installations;

- Unblocking Outlook attachments;

- Unblocking blocked format in Office 2003 SP3.

Supported products:

- Microsoft Office 2000 (CD1 and CD2);

- Microsoft Office XP;

- Microsoft Project 2002;

- Microsoft Frontpage 2002;

- Microsoft Office 2003:

- Microsoft FrontPage 2003;

- Microsoft Visio 2003;

- Microsoft Project 2003;

- Microsoft OneNote 2003;

- Microsoft Office 2007.

New version is out, version 1.5.5. Read changelog for changes.

In this version Office 2007 support is added. This is not real slipstream, Service Packs and hotfixes will be just extracted to Updates folder. Process of slipstreaming is tested with Standard and Enterprise edition. In order to improve support for Office 2007, I need list of files of all Office 2007 editions (except Standard and Enterprise), so when you load your Office 2007 into Slipstreamer, in root folder of the tool will be created file "Office2007FileList.txt". To help me, please upload this file for me.

Also, this version provides enhanced product support, which should provide support for every Office product that Microsoft released in year 2002 and 2003. This could also provide support for future service packs (if any). Enhanced database creating will finally solve problems with WU/MU, since I do not need to create database.reg anymore. Everything will be now done automatically, and all info for hotfixes.reg will be written using informations from hotfix you are slipstreaming.

List of updates for making your Office 2003 System fully updated [download links included] :

Product included on the list:

- Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003;

- Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003;

- Microsoft Office OneNote 2003;

- Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003;

- Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2003.

If you have some problem, or you found bug, please post log when asking/reporting.

If your Antivirus detects Office Slipstreamer as malware, that is false positive.

More info also here.


Version 1.5.5 Final (Date of publishing: 04/28/2008):

- Pressing button "Start" would cause opening Log tab, and progress bar moving when none of task was selected, fixed now;

- Minor changes to log tab logging;

- Added Hellenic translation, thanks to panos78.

Version 1.5.5 Beta 3 (Date of publishing: 04/18/2008):

- Fixed error when creating admin install with Office 2000;

- Office Slipstreamer Window can be now moved during processing tasks;

- Minor improvements with slipstreaming service pack to web component;

- Improved check for failed slipstream (old check could false report failed slipstream and because of that prevent writing the registry info to hotfix.reg, now this is fixed);

- New: Log tab with progress bars;

- New: SETUP.exe which Office Slipstreamer creates can now detect presence of Custom Installation file (.MST file);

- New: Menu "File" --> "Re-create SETUP.exe", which will re-create SETUP.exe which slipstreamer creates when slipstreaming hotfixes.

Version 1.5.5 Beta 2 (Date of publishing: 04/16/2008):

- Fixed program crash on service pack slipstream with some products;

- Improved detection when user cancel Office installation, or when some error occurs and installation is interrupted, so registry informations are not merged when that is not necessary.

Version 1.5.5 Beta 1 (Date of publishing: 04/14/2008):

- Enhanced product support (every Eneterprise edition is now supported (if there is some that was not supported) - products that Microsoft released in year 2002 and 2003);

- Enhanced database creating (no more database.reg, necessary informations are extracted from hotfix);

- Added hotfix database support for all products that need it (products that Microsoft released in year 2002 and 2003);

- Added support for Office 2007 integration (not slipstream, SP and hotfixes will be just extracted to "Updates" folder);

- Improved check for necessary Office file - .ini file in FILES/SETUP folder.

Version 1.5.1 (Date of publishing: 04/07/2008):

- Implemented automatic check for chain install integrity;

- If button "Paste" is pressed and option "Remember Product Key" is active, product key will be automatically saved (before this, product key was saved only when activating option "Remember Product Key" and when button "Start" was pressed [if option "Remember Product Key" is active]);

- When exiting, Slipstreamer will automatically save product key if option "Remember Product Key" is active.

Version 1.5 Final (Date of publishing: 04/05/2008):

- Fixed error with writing the database;

- Implemented check for necessary Office file - .ini file in FILES/SETUP folder (when file is not found, Slipstreamer will not accept chosen Office Product).

Version 1.5 Beta 4 (Date of publishing: 04/03/2008):

- Fixed problem with chain installations not installing;

- Fixed rare random crash on hotfix slipstream (99% that it is fixed);

- Corrected progress bar on hotfix slipstream (sometimes it could go back);

- New: Slipstreamer now automatically detect Edition and Language of your Office;

- Better detection of Office Product Name;

- New: Button (icon) for exploring admin folder;

- New: Button (icon) for deleting content of folder;

- Minor code rewrite for support of new stuffs (for example two "New" items above this in the changelog).

Version 1.5 Beta 3 (Date of publishing: 03/28/2008):

- Fixed bug which caused program crash on searching database.

Version 1.5 Beta 2 (Date of publishing: 03/27/2008):

- Improved hotfix detection for database search (this should fix program crash in some cases);

- Fixed problem with chained installation not loading when using option "Remember Admin location";

- Windows Installer window when slipstreaming hotfixes to Office 2003 is now hidden, as it should be (for other Office product it was already hidden in previous beta).

Version 1.5 Beta 1 (Date of publishing: 03/25/2008):

- Fixed bug which appear when Office Setup file has other name then Setup.exe (it was not completely fixed in previous version);

- New: Menu "Options"-->"Remember Admin location";

- New: Menu Options"-->"Remember Product Key";

- New: Menu Options"-->"Disable minimize while processing";

- New: Menu "Language";

- New: Menu "File"-->"Delete log history";

- Added support for Visio 2002;

- Slipstreamer now automatically detects which updates are slipstreamed, so it will automatically write registry database for SETUP.exe (now there is no need to select manually .reg file). Also original SETUP.exe will be moved to folder FILES/SETUP and new SETUP.exe will be created in root folder (previous called as setup_h.exe);

- Improved support for Service Pack slipstream for Project 2002 (only English version was supported, now all versions are supported);

- 64-bit version will not be published anymore because of some possible problems;

- Added Polish translation, thanks to Tolek81.

Previous versions change log can be found in help file.

Translations needed:

Since version 1.2 beta 3, this applications can be translated on other languages then English. I will upload file you need to translate as attachment. File have .lng extension, and it can be opened via Notepad. So if you are willing to do the translation I want to thank you in advance.

If you want to use translation you need to put translated file into "Languages" folder of Office Slipstreamer. New one language will appear in language menu. Every translated file will be included in Office 2000/XP/2003 Slipstreamer installer.

[File updated at: 04/05/2008]


Please, when translating, watch how long your lines are!

Currently available languages:

- Arabic (thanks to ashraf21c);

- Danish (thanks to kalle_mod); *

- English;

- Hellenic (thanks to panos78);

- Italian (thanks to Lions);

- Japanese (thanks to ashraf21c); *

- Polish (thanks to Tolek81) *

- Portuguese-Brazil (thanks to bolajones); *

- Serbian;

- Spanish (thanks to GeoF2002); *

- Swedish (thanks to schakan);

- Turkish (thanks to KenanBalamir). *

* - Need an update.



Please uninstall versions published before 1.5.1 to avoid double entries in Add/Remove programs. This is necessary because name of application is changed. For the future versions this will not be necessary.

Download Office 2000/XP/2003 Slipstreamer v1.5.5 Final (Installer) - Mirror 1

Download Office 2000/XP/2003 Slipstreamer v1.5.5 Final (Installer) - Mirror 2

Download Office 2000/XP/2003 Slipstreamer v1.5.5 Final (Self Extracting Archive) - Mirror 1

Download Office 2000/XP/2003 Slipstreamer v1.5.5 Final (Self Extracting Archive) - Mirror 2

MD5 checksums (Installer): 9684bd426ffffb0eeadaeb507a8be5de

MD5 checksums (Self Extracting Archive): a7f3713e22cc6abfc96d7cce3c3bd620

Version 1.4 Final, history and other data related to Office Slipstreamer can be found in old topic, here.

Cheers ;)

Edited by mara-

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Hi Mara

Tested v1.5 beta 4:

- Slipstreamed SP3 and hotfixes

- Integrated one patch with chained install

- Created new .MST for unattended install

- Installed unattended Office

- Checked with MS Update

Everything went very good except for one thing:

One character is wrong in the hotfix registry updates:

Currently it the Slipstreamer updates with:


Should be


Attaching the registry entries for Swedish Enterprise edition (suppose you have them since before).

Attaching an updated Swedish translation for v1.5 beta4.

Note that there are some minor cosmetic things that should be corrected for the translation support.

- Under File (main) there is an option, Delete log History, which is hardcoded I guess. It is not in the language file.

- Under Options and Help there are other options not represented in the language file.

- Field Product Informations is represented in the language file (L123) but showed in English after translation.

- Same with Edition Type (L122).

- Tried to change my translation of L76 but the old text is still showed.




Edited by schakan

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Thanks for language update. And yes, you are correct, there is a small error with database writing. I already fixed it. I made an error with language file (English). Just move L123 and L122 under [Label]. And I'll check for "Delete log History" and other menus. New beta is probably out tonight.

Cheers ;)

EDIT: With L76 everything is fine. New English file is uploaded in first post. Some new words will not have effect until beta 5 is out, and beta 5 will be out in a few hours.

EDIT2: English file uploaded again. I forgot to add some lines.

Edited by mara-

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Version 1.5 Final is out. I decided to go with final version instead of beta 5, since I think that all bugs are fixed. If anyone find some bug, I'll fix it, and new version will be immediately published.

Cheers ;)

Edited by mara-

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Hi Mara

Tested v1.5 Final.

Two error occurences:

- The Registry update for KB943452 is wrong for the Swedish edition of Office 2003.

The slipstreamer updates with


Should be


- Chained Install didn't work. The Patch (Compatibility patch for Office 2007) was added to folder

\FILES\SEUP\ChainedInstall_1 correctly. This can also be seen in the log but the the patch wasn't

installed directly after Office.

This worked in v1.5 beta4.

Otherwise everything was perfect.

Attaching a new swedish translation based on v1.5 Final.

Cheers :rolleyes:


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For the KB943452, I can not do anything, you will have to change it manually in database. Some updates like KB943452 are different because of language, but that is very rare.

And for the chain install is very strange, I did not change anything related to that. Can you try once more, just load same office into slipstreamer, use "Delete all" button and then add chain install again.

Cheers ;)

Edited by mara-

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Pity with KB943452 but no problem, I'll add it manually.

Yes, it's strange with Chained Install. Now I have slipstreamed/installed Office twice with

same result; the patch is added to ChainedInstall_1 but not installed.

When I was doing these tests I noticed that the "Admin install location" is remembered by

the Slipstreamer but not always the "Product Key" when ticked.

Cheers :unsure:

Edited by schakan

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Can you attach Setuppro.ini from FILES/SETUP after you add Chain Install, and attach for me few of your last logs?

Cheers ;)

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Chain install is working fine. I told you to re-create it. Use "Delete all" button and then add again chained install. You don't need to do service pack and hotfix slipstream again, just do this with chained install.

Now, if you do a hotfix slipstream, then chained install needs to be added after slipstream is finished. Adding chained install don't depends on button "Start". As soon as you press button "Add" chain install is added. So, after you finish slipstream, then add chain install. This is necessary to do after slipstream because original SETUP.exe is moved to FILES/SETUP folder and other path is used, and because you added chain before slipstream (when original SETUP.exe was in root folder) path will become wrong after original SETUP.exe is moved to mentioned folder. I'll try implement some check for this so Slipstreamer automatically correct the path.

Cheers ;)

Edited by mara-

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Actually I used "Delete all" button both times but your second phrase explains why it failed.

What I have done every time, except for yesterday, is to enter needed information tab by

tab (1st Slipstreamer input, 2nd ChainedInstall input with push on the Add button) and then

pressed Start in the first tab.

Good to know, will never happen again.

Good if you can do a check in the program for this. Also good if the panes could have som

brief information/guidelines about this.

Thanks a lot and cheers.

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Glad that we cleared that. Thanks for all help and testings. Just if you did not noticed I gave you credit for help in About tab. I think that when I implement this check (I already made it, testing it now), additional informations about chain install won't be necessary.

Cheers ;)

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