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  1. because avast is the best free AV I tried antivir some years ago and swiched to avast antivir doesn`t do its task
  2. ashraf21c

    no updates shown

    I had downloaded my needed updaters but no of them work,the menu is empty,telling me that there`s no updates!!!!!!!!! Is this soft compatible with windows vista?
  3. Emm,can you show me the source code?I am thinking about adding Office 2007 support
  4. many of these can be got with just one download by downloading sp3 beta... and it`s better to recommend IE8
  5. It tells me that the sp files have another file extension ,not exe,and ask me to choose that file... even extraction does not work,I had attached a pic before.... no,I mean an Arabic copy of XP,not an English XP with Arabic enabled..
  6. Hi!This file contains updated lng files(AR-EG,AR-Golf) Japanese one will be finished soon updated_lng_files_AR.zip
  7. all my programs and drivers are not accepted even extracted I had read the help file but the problems persist!!
  8. 1.language pack is not accepted(AR,JP) for windows Vista. 2.exe drivers are not accepted(most of mine are EXEs). 3.Arabian windows is shown as Engish one(but the install still Arabic). 4.All SPs are not accepted(Note that they are exe files,including Vista SP1). Another point(not a bug but others must know): Windows serial number for XP SP3 after merging is refused,but you can use the product key...for more details check : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...view=getnewpost I will wait until you fix the 4 bugs...... thanks
  9. and this one couldn`t attached them in one reply as the space is not enough
  10. That would be on the Certificate of Authenticity stuck on your pc. tnx,I know about it and had seeen it many times but I don`t have one even I have genuene software!! but there`s a very good soft for that!! produkey.exe produkey64.exe available at start64.com forums! I had attashed them here!! produkey_x64.zip produkey.zip
  11. Hi! It`s already in Arabic and English....translation only 4 Japanese!! but I had faced many problems,and couldn`t solve them even I am a programmer!!! I will not use it,will wait until the app will be better want to know the bugs? It asked me to extract the exe file....then,I did so,but after extraction,another problem.....can`t use the extracted file!!! and more one problem even I place all of them in WPI folder,not in the desktop etc you can have a look here(2 attached pics)
  12. I have Office 2000 JP,Office XP AR,Office 2003 with Arabic translation,Office 12 Ultimate with Arabic Translation,Office 97JP!!!!! however,tnx a lot if you will create for my languages as you had said
  13. Hi! Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Golf countries) lng files are done! plz add them to your application! I will upload a Japanese one also,but as I am very busy nowadays,I will upload it next month...I think.. You said that some REG files are available in some languages for Office XP....tell me how to make ones for my 3 languages.... Cheers;) tnx a lot for such wonderful software! lng_files.zip
  14. Hi Mara It`s my priblem as I am using 120 DPI....but I need larger fonts:( Concerning L87:Sorry,I didn`t read L86 and L87 correctly you can find the sentence(d) in {messages-Line25) Translation is almost done! I was very busy! Thanks Cheers؛)
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