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  1. Autounattend.xmlHi and thanks for a very nice replacement for Vlite. RT7 is even better and much faster. Tried 1.06 (x86) but got an error mesaage when tested under VirtualBox: "Windows could not configure one ore more more components. To install Windows, restart the computer and then restart the installation". Lastsession.inf Autounattend.xml
  2. Don't want to interfere but since I tested both I only want to say.......keep up the pace with further developing mara-. You are doing a great job.
  3. Hi! It's always a good idea to test a new .iso. It works like a charm under VirtualBox at least with my setup of both Vista and VB. Have used v1.6.6 and v2.0.0 of VB.
  4. Yes I did, I'm sorry. Here's the attachment. swedish.rar
  5. Try this one. I have used it a lot and it works perfect: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5657 Perhaps this is the link from strel above.
  6. Hi mara- Have now tested 1.7 final and everything was perfect with my setup: O2003 Pro Swe, admin install from HD, ChainInstall, Unattended and with no updates from MS Update. Great work mara-. Thanks Hakan
  7. Hi mara- Swedish translation for 1.7 b5 is attached. Noticed one problem (O2003/Pro/Swe/admin install): When adding 1st ChainInstall-patch I got error message "Path you selected have not write access". Had to interrupt the process at this point. Cheers
  8. I miss 2 hotfixes in the list above: KB943452 seems still to be valid for the Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and Swedish editions. KB950241 has not been replaced what I can see (but maybe I'm wrong). Cheers
  9. Swedish translation based on Beta 4 is attached. Cheers swedish.rar
  10. I thought all users took a backup of Program\vLite\Presets\Last Session.ini and Last Session_u.ini after a run and subsequently restored appropriate pairs when running vLite next time. Have used this method since I started with nLite 2.5 years ago and it's smooth, it's a question of a few seconds. Do you really need a special feature for this?
  11. mara- Have tested beta6: Couldn't find anything strange, everything looks very good with my setup: O2003 Pro (Swe) with SP3 & subsequent hotfixes, ChainInstall, unattended install and check with MS update. Thanks Cheers
  12. Nobody using: http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?...s&showcat=2 I've using it since a year and think it's really great. There you find all hotfixes not accessible through MS Download Center/MU/WU. These hotfixes must usually be ordered from MS or you have to wait for next SP. The hotfixes from MS Download Center can't be found here with some exception. Hotfixes are in .MSU format and no problem to integrate them with vLite. Until now there are 100+ post-SP1 with some really important I would say. In the past the quality of these hotfixes could in some cases be doubtful but that's not a problem anymore I would say.
  13. Translation as per 05/30/2008 Cheers swedish.rar
  14. Tested 1.6 beta 4: Nothing to report with my setup, it works like a charm. Once again, excellent work. Cheers
  15. Tested v1.6 B3: Everything was successful for my setup. No issues with the registry anymore. One minor cosmetic issue: The Delete button for entered product key doesn't work. If you update Updates.rar, please add KB943452. It has not been replaced and is important and valid for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and Swedish Office 2003 editions. Uploading new Swedish translation as per 05/20/2008. Thanks for excellent work mara- swedish.rar
  16. I did the re-installation according to my usual procedures: 1. Created a new Office setup using Slipstreamer 1.6 B2 including hotfixes and Comp.pack patches. I always do this with a clean copy. 2. Created a new unattended setup. Used my old Unattended.mst as input. 3. Uninstalled Office from the Control Panel. 4. Checked the registry that Office and Comp.pack was gone. 5. Installed the new Office setup (unattended). So far everything was ok. 6. Checked the registry and Office and Comp.pack patches was there but no Office patches. 7. Checked ...Setup\Hotfixes.reg if something was wrong, but the file was ok. Ran the file manually and checked the registry again. Now the patches was registered ok. 8. Checked with MS Update if something was missing but it was ok. Cheers
  17. Have tested v.1.6 beta 2 and the Slipstreamer ran very smooth. When doing re-installation of Office I noticed one issue: The registry is not updated with the slipstreamed hotfixes. \Setup\Hotfixes.reg is created properly and when running it manually everything is ok. Checked with MS Update: No updates. Cheers
  18. Hi mara- Tested 1.6 with my Office 2003 (Swedish) with some issues: - When pasting location for setuppro.exe the information is placed in the Admin Install location field. - When adding 3 ChainedInstall the pane and setuppro.ini is updated with 3xsetuppro.exe, not the actually file names ("comp.pack, sp1 and kb947801"). Uploading log and setuppro.ini. Note that the adding of these files to ...\setup\ChainedInstall_1 - 3 was done correctly. Forget my question about registry entries in earlier post, it works perfect. Swedish .lng file uploaded yesterday. Cheers log.rar SETUPPRO.rar
  19. Hi mara Swedish translation uploaded. Are the hotfixes from last Tuesday in the registry database? Can't download Updates.rar, something wrong with the link I guess. swedish.rar
  20. Installed and tested v1.5.1. Went through my complete install process without a single problem. It looks very good, thanks. Note that I didn't stress test the latest changes but it surely work. Cheers
  21. Actually I used "Delete all" button both times but your second phrase explains why it failed. What I have done every time, except for yesterday, is to enter needed information tab by tab (1st Slipstreamer input, 2nd ChainedInstall input with push on the Add button) and then pressed Start in the first tab. Good to know, will never happen again. Good if you can do a check in the program for this. Also good if the panes could have som brief information/guidelines about this. Thanks a lot and cheers.

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