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[Download] Regs to tweak

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Performance for Programs

Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del

Enable SuperFetch Service

Shutdown Event Tracker

crdiz goes to EarthQ

and to me for making them :)

notice that regs should be export else its wont import cos the security data bulid-in it


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Why would you ever want to enable Superfetch? That's more of a downgrade.

Unless of course you like the sound of hard drive thrashing and a lower hard drive lifespan.

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superfetch infact dosnt cause "trashing" as you put it, not having it enabled is STUPID, superfetch is simply prefetching of commonly used apps, it can drastickly improove system performance if you have the ram to run it, I have 6gb of ram, and wish it would use MORE of my ram, it could cache most of my games maps and such so load times would be far shorter!!!

People who dissable superfetch and caching really dont understand what they are doing, they just think they know their s***........

The os USING your ram is a GOOD THING, it dosnt take long for the fetched stuff to be dumped out of system ram IF another app ever needs it, even with superfetch enabled I rarely hear any "Trashing" (think he ment "thrashing") on system boot, the system caches commonly used apps and files, after that, it dosnt have to go to your hdd as much to load said apps, hdd activity is LOWER during common tasks, like when i load paint.net or gimp or opera or chrome the hdd dosnt even have to tick over once till i been using opera for a while(it saves its state so if it crashes or the like u can just re-open opera and have ur tabs just like they where)

Oh, a good peice of advice I have for anybody whos got multi hdd's is to put a page file on each of them(as long as they arent some ancient slow peices of crap) My system perf went up nicely just from adding 2gb page files to my d,e, and f drives :)

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Superfetch is an attribution to thrashing, not the sole reason for thrashing.

While you may not hear it because you have your case at your feet next to a desk, and you most likely use a single 7200RPM hard drive, you can certainly notice it with several 10,000RPM-15,000RPM hard drives when your case is on top of your desk next to you.

You're lowering the lifespan of your hard drive(s) significantly by constantly loading apps into memory which you may not even use.

While it does load commonly used applications, "commonly used" doesn't literally imply often used, but more along the lines of whether you've ran the application at all and after a certain time span it theoretically deletes it from the prefetch list.

I suppose you could argue to say it may make more of an impact for people with 5400RPM hard drives but I'd disagree for 7200RPM and beyond.

I doubt many people who use a 5400RPM hard drive have access to much ram to begin with though, so this is something else to consider.

Yes, you caught my 'trashing' typo, my bad. :P

Firefox has the tab restoration feature as well, and you can also exit Firefox with your tabs open and it'll restore them for you, not that this has anything to do with the subject at hand.

You're slowing system performance by using any pagefile at all with 6GB of a ram, that's more than enough.

Technically if you wanted a pagefile though you'd want to set it to 9216MB going by Microsoft's formula of 6144MB x1.5 = 9216MB for improved use of the pagefile system.

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good reason why not to use it but mostly in this sub fourm "Windows Server 2008 to Workstation"

we dont have fast hdds 10,000RPM-15,000RPM like u said :)

SuperFetch make a list of app that often used and pre-loading it to memory

when the system is idle after booting its loading it self

it doesnt use the hdd a lot

didnt hear "thrashing" on server 2008

in vista maybe u are right...

Edited by aviv00

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