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folder cannot open


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hi all

I have a problem with my folder. I install "Lock my Folder" and lock a folder by it. after this my windows crash with some other resion. After reinstall the windows xp i try to open my folder. But i dos not open and return an error. Now waht i do?

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OK let me try to outline this issue.

1. You locked a folder using LockMyFolder by QKSoft.

2. You reinstalled Windows in a method that left this folder there, such as it was a repair install or the folder was not on the system volume.

3. When you try to open the folder now, instead of getting the password prompt, you get an error.

OK so you aren't getting a password prompt or you set it up to use a keyfile? Did you try reinstalling the LockMyFolder software on that machine? Or did you happen to back up your certificate?

It appears this is a problem with your encryption software. Why did you opt to use that instead of the file encryption that comes with Windows?

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