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New rows in Mocrosoft Access?


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I think you may be missing the point of Access... :)

Tables are just to hold the data, not for viewing. Tables should (almost) always be indexed (primary keys).

You should always use a query to "view" the data, even if you can just simply open up the table and view it. Also, even if you update the data in a table using a query imbedded in a form, the query should show the correct order of a table with a refresh as long as the tables are indexed properly.

With that said, everyone has their own reasons for wanting something a certain way. However, the way you are describing is just not a "best practice" to try to add something in the middle of a table (which is not possible). Insert at the bottom and refresh the form/query/table to view the correct order.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, Martin, thanks Team929. Sorry, I was was away on holiday.

I don't want to sort the rows because they are (I assume) in arrival date order. (This is a download of the texts from my phone.)

I accidentally deleted one of the msgs from my phone so that it wasn't downloaded when I did the dump. I know what it said, so I can type it in. But I DON'T know the time or date.

So now I want to insert the missing text in what I think is the correct place, so that the time order is preserved.

Any way to do this? Its sounds as if there isn't. If not can I easily get these data into an Excel spreadsheet (where you CAN insert rows)?

Thanks again...

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