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AMD Processor MS Update


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There is an update on MS Update for AMD Processors. I couldn't find any info about it on the MS website, but I did manage to find some info about it on the web, and even a download of all of the files it includes so you can manually install it.

I've attached it here. It basically enables the AMD Cool'nQuiet features on all processors that support it. This has both the x86 and x64 driver, and the inf will install the proper one for whichever OS (XP or 2k3 32-bit or 64-bit, and possibly even 2k, not sure tho)

It can be integrated via nlite's driver integration.

EDIT: I have fixed the MS Update issues. The inf included was missing 1 registry key and had the driver date of the original release from AMD. The files were, however identical as indicated by hashtab's CRC32 comparison, so I changed the driver date in the inf, and recompressed the file in zip format


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thanks, I don't have an AMD, but from my experience all those power management features are bad, I was playing quake4 the other day and noticed that I had strange sudden drops from 60 to 30 fps I couldn't figure out why or how they were occuring and then I was trying to figure out how to define the proper thresholds for the speedstep, when I found the software I accidentally removed the speedstep, and then when I loaded the game again it was going 60 fps all the way all the time, wasn't long before I went to the BIOS and disabled all power management features

it may be possible that the video card is doing the same thing, it may be worth investigating by using a non-ACPI HAL/kernel combination and see if it has any effect on performance, power management is good, but it seems speedstep is not it, hope AMD have done better, I think sometimes the best power management is to turn off the system

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all those power management features are bad

Power management is a very good thing, as long as it's not aggressive. I don't know why Intel's speedstep was throttling your Quake game. The whole point of power management is that when the system is in a lower clock mode, if it approach 100%, it kicks the speed up to the next notch, and if near 100% again, step up again, etc etc.

The whole point is that speed stepping means you're not burning a bunch of watts while your PC is idle (which it is ~90% of the day).

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The files you attached are not an MS update; but an AMD Driver for Power Management and quite an old one if the version numbers are accurate.

A later version of this and other AMD related software and drivers can be downloaded via:


If you have an AMD Processor which needs one or more additional drivers, perhaps because it's dual core or has some other newer technology then there should be a driver for it on the above site.

There should be no need to "hack" random downloads from the net to get any AMD processor working fully on a modern PC.

Kind Regards


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