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To make bootable cd of 98sec


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Hi users,

Can it possible to make bootable disk that boot and mount at Drive drive letter B: rest of drive letter A: and mount drive letter A: as ram drive? . I want's to use A: as read/Write . Due to updateing system bios proses that ask for A: drive to read/write .

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I don't get what you're saying. You want to update your computer's BIOS from the startup disk? As the RAM disk's letter is assigned after your last partition's letter, or as C: if you don't have any partitions defined. I've never seen it assigned as A:.

To get a "B:" drive you'll need to have two floppy drives installed in the computer, and insert the boot floppy in the second one.

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Yes, you can.

You can use grub4dos to "exchange" floppies.

Example (to be TESTED):

title Flip floppies and boot from B:
map --mem (fd0)/Floppy.img.gz (fd1)
map (fd0) (fd1)
map (fd1) (fd0)
map --hook
root (fd0)
chainloader /IO.SYS

or something like that.

Get latest grub4dos here:


Browse here:


Start from this one:



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