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OK, this must be a very very simple question for ASP programmers to answer.

After I have gathered all the information I want from the user and after

the user has clicked on a submit button, how do I make an operating system

style call on the server.

Now, I have already figured out how to create a function call in the ASP

development environment that is called when the user clicks on the submit


So my qesttion is to how to create a system level command through ASP.

Specifically, I am using ASP.NET. Let me explain further. I have just completed

a program that is very simular to the #3 AJAX demo that Joe Strgner has made on

http://asp.net/learn/ajax-videos/ where he gets users to select from a group

of "CascadingDropDown" control extender classes. When the user has selected

from the third drop down control, a label is custom formatted and displays the

group of selected options.

What I want to do is this. After this is done, I want to have a "submit" button

on this page which, when the user presses it, a call is made on the server side

that will include the users selections as parameters.

Something like this, for example:

"CALL SOMEPROGRAM.EXE " selection_1, selection_2

I think I will ask this question in a simpler way.

Notepad is a program that can be launched from the command line.

I can open a CMD window (dos window) and on the command line,

I can type "notepad" and the notepad execuatble will launch and I will

see that program. So, how would I do that inside asp.net and

specifically inside the Default.aspx.cs file which will get called

when the user clicks on the send button in the function

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)



Is there some sort of "run" command in asp.net like "run notepad"?

I also need to have some information specific to the user included in the submit.

We are on an intranet and each user has an alias. How do I snag this information?

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Not fully sure what you want to do but I guess you have your reasons. However, from a development point of you, is the opening of notepad necessary? I only ask because if you want to take that information inside notepad back to the server side, you're going to have one heck of a time doing that. Anything's possible but I don't know if you want to maintain that. It may be best to just keep everything on the server-side (i.e. just a multiline textbox in the IE screen) and when the client clicks "submit", you can have a very easy time tansporting that information elsewhere. You can store it to a db or export it to the users' machine, etc.

>> We are on an intranet and each user has an alias. How do I snag this information?

You will need to learn about asp.net membership for this.

Hope this helps.

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