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  1. this link may help you... http://www.willasrari.com/blog/run-a-comma...net/000155.aspx
  2. I got the same problem. its because the addon install entries are being duplicated in svcpack.inf but I don't yet know why its happening
  3. with the final version of nlite, all the entries in the [setupHotfixesToRun] section of svcpack.inf are being entered twice (see attachment). has anyone seen this before or know why it's happening? last session.ini and svcpack.inf files are attached Last_Session.ini.txt SVCPACK.INF.txt
  4. all outlook items are stored in a database file called outlook.pst your outlook.pst file is located here: C:\Documents and Settings\user_id\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook use your backup software to retrieve the file from the external hard drive- but do not overwrite your current one - put it in a temporary location in outlook click: file --> import and export select import from another program or file select pst from the list and browse to the temp one you retrieved earlier you will see a list of all the folders in the pst (calendar/contacts/deleted items etc) select deleted items and finish
  5. this is normal for 32bit XP. the rest of the memory is being reserved by pci devices. you might be able to tweak some settings in you bios to get it to show more in windows. depends on your hardware.
  6. you must have put a password in somewhere. you can't sign up to yahoo without it
  7. are the margins still set at 1" (in the page setup)? if so, are you in the "print layout" view? (view --> print layout). this is the only view that shows the margins (white space) all round the page
  8. no need for macro's or vb progs. on the menu bar --> format --> conditional formatting
  9. the problem may be "OemPreinstall=Yes" preventing you from using the F6 method of loading drivers. from the MSFN Unattended guide
  10. your emails live in the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.ost then you can try this: (found on the net - no guarantees) 1. Backup ost file(s) 2. Rename outlook.ost to outlook.pst 3. Use scanpst.exe from Outlook 2002 (in C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033) to repair outlook.pst 4. Rename outlook.pst back to outlook.ost 5. Run OST2PST which will then convert the file to outlook.pst 6. Outlook can then open the outlook.pst file Outlook 2003 has scanpst.exe and scanost.exe in C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAIP\1033 whick you could also try
  11. did you set the transparent colour first? it need to know what colour to see through in oder to see the fill colour.
  12. to put an image inline with the text, rather than as an attachment, the message format needs to be html (or rich text) then you can use insert -> picture from the top menu. but the person recieving the email needs to be able to view email in html or the image will just revert back to an attachment
  13. open word tools -> options -> general -> allow starting in reading layout
  14. make/model of router might be useful.. did it used to work? or is this a new setup? diagnosing net connection problems is usually a process of elimination. in no particular order: check the easy things first. change the phone/ethernet cables (use short cables if you can) - see what happens. have you put in a new phone? does it have a line filter on it? try unplugging all the phones + filters. have you installed any new software/hardware around the time the net started to cause problems? if so uninstall/remove and see what happens. take the router to a friends house (who has dsl) - try it. if good then the problems your pc or line. if still bad them the problems the router or your router settings. if the router has been reset to factory defaults as you say, then check the router settings have been correctly set to your ISP's settings (this should actually be the first step). Check PPPoE/PPPoA and VC/LLC settings match the ISP. Depending on how your ISP operates you can often still connect even if these are wrong, you just don't get a good connection. also check the MTU. try drop it to 1492 (factory default will probably be 1500). open the routers status screen and look at the "Line Attenuation" and "Noise Margin" numbers. (google them for an explanation). if you have lots of noise on the line this will cause connection problems. some ISP's have the option to drop your speed a little to improve stability. clear any proxy settings in the internet options unless your ISP tells you to use one.

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