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Is Vista killing off Toshiba hard drives?


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I called on an old friend/customer today to find out that the New Toshiba laptop I installed for him last summer has had two hard drive replacements since then. It runs Vista Home.

He was told first by a technician at Toshiba Service Center and later by another tech that there is something in Vista that's killing the Toshiba laptop hard drives.

A solution to this would be nice, but mainly I'm asking all you tech's out there if you've seen or heard of this phenomenon?

Any authoritative info would be appreciated.

Thank You,

Andromeda43 B)

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Perhaps provide more information.

How did they die?

Did SMART show any signs that the drive was failing?

Was there a grinding noise?

Was there a clicking noise?

Did the drive have any bad sectors?

Were the drives brand new or were they refurbished?

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I've replaced a few out of satellites too... I think they (toshiba's) are just junk in general. They have an incredible amount of crap software, for one thing. They barely run straight out of the box. The last guy had toshiba replace the first one and it failed. I told him it was in warranty, and to send it back in. He was so frustrated, that I sold him a seagate hdd w/ a 5 year warranty. I put vista back on it, but a clean version, devoid of the bloat.

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i've always used toshiba for their durability and support for unattended installations of applications and drivers.

last year i bought two satellites a105-s4004 and one of them had suffered for the problem the first poster is talking about. I already replaced two drivers in that computer, maybe there is something bad or faulty on the motherboard.

As i don't have access to that computer prior to changing the drives i can't speak of SMART or the usual clicking or poping sounds.

But i think that something that "kills" hdd's in toshiba computers is nowhere near to exist. Just check the hdd connector to see if it is well plugged. Another thing you can try is to open the laptop (off, if you know how) and check all components for improper contact.

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