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System rebooting while playing UT2004, Call of Duty 4, ect


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I just upgraded from a BFG Geforce 7600 gt oc to a 9600 gt oc. I got the card installed and was playing UT2004 and Call of Duty 4. After playing for only a few minutes, the system would reboot itself with no warning. I tried updating the bios on my motherboard and still got the same result. I'm not sure what could cause this problem. Any information on this would be helpful. Thanks in advance. My system specs are as follows:


AMD Athlon FX-60

2GB OCZ Platinum PC 3200 memory

640GB Raid 0 HD

Epsilon 600W power supply

lite on disc drive

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Dont know if it will help, but try turning off the automatic reboot on error, this may help you see the exact error that is occuring.

System->Advanced tab->Startup & Recovery area->Settings button->Uncheck Automatically Restart.

Also make sure Write an Event to System Log is checked. Should then be able to see what happened.

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How hot is the card getting? You should be able to check this in the nVidia control center or if not then try a program called GPU-Z.

Has your case got adequate ventilation?

Have you anything else overclocked? If so then return everything to stock and work your way from there.

Not sure on the power requirements for the card but maybe someone else could drop by and tell you if that is enough though I'd imagine it would be.

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