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XIS and XPize 4.6 SCR question


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I guess I really need to have someone tell me if my assumption is correct. And if not to tell me what I missed.

XPize 4.6 SCR contains copies of all of the files that are installed in the .exe file. Using resource hacker, I can modify/edit these files to my own design or function.

XIS has files to package the files into an .exe file.



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:hello: OK. That makes sense. I guess I've not been developing software as much as I should be--or I'm suffering from Old-Timer's disease already, but I guess I'm not sure what to do now.

It's supplied to us so we can make changes, right? After that, would I just zip it up and create a new installation .exe for my own version? I suppose that seems to easy to me.

Thanks again.

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