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  1. Thanks for the reply, but I gave up on it a long time ago when I found the new themes available directly from Microsoft.
  2. Oh boy, that's annoying. Thanks for the reply. I'm using Darkside now. When the redo is finished, will Darkside be new too? Also, does the auto update feature from Microsoft still work at least? As long as I get the regular updates, I'm not going to worry about it.
  3. OK. That makes sense. I guess I've not been developing software as much as I should be--or I'm suffering from Old-Timer's disease already, but I guess I'm not sure what to do now. It's supplied to us so we can make changes, right? After that, would I just zip it up and create a new installation .exe for my own version? I suppose that seems to easy to me. Thanks again.
  4. I guess I really need to have someone tell me if my assumption is correct. And if not to tell me what I missed. XPize 4.6 SCR contains copies of all of the files that are installed in the .exe file. Using resource hacker, I can modify/edit these files to my own design or function. XIS has files to package the files into an .exe file. thanks Diane
  5. I installed the latest version of XPize 4.6 b2 with no problems. I really like the Royale Black theme and seemed to have few problems. Then I wanted to utilize the Microsoft Update site and install the last last update set from Microsoft for my OS (Win Xp SP2), but Microsoft identified my computer as a MACINTOSH!! I had to uninstall XPize and reinstall it when I was done with the update site. Now I am always told that files need to be reloaded, anywhere from 1 to 104 files! I have read other threads and realize that this problem is caused by windows trying to "fix" my files after I change them and it can be ignored by turning off the reloader. Someone said to install XPize 4.6 b1 over b2 and only load the shell32.dll, but I can't find a copy of that file. Is it OK to just not reload the files, or should I try to find the problem file and fix it? Why does Microsoft think I am using a Macintosh? How can I avoid uninstalling XPize just so I can visit update.microsoft.com? Is it possible to "turn off" XPize without uninstalling it? Thanks for any insight into this issue. Diane
  6. And how do we get a copy of previous beta versions if we just found this software?

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