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Cannot access some sites.


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Hopefully this is the proper place for this...

I am not sure what is happening... Came to work today and there are several computers (boss and other employees) that cannot access some sites. They have tried updating to IE7 and also Mozilla. At the moment all the computers that I use are working fine... Glad they take such good care of theirs... And now I need to find out why they cannot access some sites.

When they try to goto sites, like Google or any Microsoft site, they get errors about not being able to find the search engine. After disabling the Phishing filter they can get to some other sites now. But there are others that are blocked. The computers all come off of the same switch and all have access to our network.

Thanks for any help.

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Haha... never mind found the problem... Apparently it was a conflict with our DNS...

Oddly enough... every computer had a different DNS server. Once everything adventure... was set back to Automatic it started working again... That was an interesting problem.

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