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Which computer type, should be select?


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on nlite 1.4.1 in general tab>computer type>and which type should be select?

I use conreo E6300 ..but I want my windows-cd would be universal..

recently, I made a unattended cd and I select standart..after installation I couldn't select on start>turn of computer>stand by..cause of ACPI..

so which type of computer I select on general tab in Nlite for general usage?

for exam CPU;

AMD 4200+ or

conroe E6300 or

P4 2.4 ghz or

Sempron etc..

after Nlite I also will add driverpacks for chipset and CPU drivers..

what am I doing?

or in winnt.sif am I delete computer type row before I burn my win-cd?I want driverpacks install the correct driver for ACPI or my CPU?

thanks.. :rolleyes:

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@alper60: I don't remember if it has changed, but whatever the name is on the first one! I wouldn't recommend you select ACPI multiprocessor if you intend to install your copy on multiple computer (single core).

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Is a little off-topic

bvg: how can you guess alper60's computer type :no:

Most modern PCs are ACPI+APIC uni-processor (UP) or multi-processor (MP)

-ACPI is modern power management

-APIC provides additional (virtual) interrupt vectors

The default setting provides the most advanced configuration possible. You normally do not touch this unless you want to downgrade, for instance no ACPI, APIC -> PIC, MP -> UP

-you downgrade if your experience certain problems, mostly with special hardware.

-if this already drives you nuts, stay with the default setting and stop reading.

Combining ACPI or not, APIC or PIC, and UP or MP gives you 8 possibilities of which 6 generics actually exist:

-Standard PC: Non-ACPI, PIC, UP: Hal.dll

-MPS Uniprocessor PC: Non-ACPI, APIC, UP: Halapic.dll

-MPS Multiprocessor PC: Non-ACPI, APIC, MP: Halmps.dll

-Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC: ACPI, PIC, UP: Halacpi.dll

-ACPI Uniprocessor PC: ACPI APIC, UP: Halaacpi.dll

-ACPI Multiprocessor PC: ACPI APIC, MP: Halmacpi.dll

The dll's are the hardware abstraction layer, installed early in the process.

Well that was it for today kids, man this is :boring:

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