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Norton Internet Security and a tracking cookie


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How come all I ever get from a full system scan is a tracking cookie?? I get that tracking cookie every time I do a scan.. Does Norton actually work? I ran spybot and got about 37 issues to fix... Is it all just being made up or am I just free of spyware?

I dont know if this is true but I believe that the tracking cookie has something to do with MSN Messenger.. It seems strange that every time I do a scan with Norton all I get is this tracking cookie. I don't wish for spyware no , but I'm starting to wonder if Norton is actually doing anything..

I do like the Norton interface, I find it quite simple to use but I don't want it to be installed if its doing nothing.

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Do you suspect there is some virus or malware on your system?

I recommend you start by scanning with HiJackThis and Autoruns :-)



Also although Norton has improved a little lately in terms of system resource usage, I still consider it among the worst Security software in terms of effectiveness.

A good free online virus scanner is available here:


If you want a good clean gui and effective security software I recommend ESET Smart Security:


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Most likely its nothing, when i was using norton 07, 360 & 08 i saw that also. if i can remember right, the cookie was some how related to this site :whistle:

when i switched to nod it never did find this cookie. if u were infected u would know also from anoying pop ups an stuff etc..

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Tracking cookies aren't malware and they can't do any harm to your computer. The most they can do is track a site you came from and went to. If you want to block them simply use Spybot's Immunization and SpywareBlaster.

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