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Direct integration of switchless silent installers?


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Siginet's Integrator v1.5 is supposedly capable of direct integrating the RogueSpear switchless silent installers. I haven't checked into this because I prefer to use nlite, however, if this is the case, does nlite support the same, or will it in the future? RogueSpear dropped support of nlite addons because of this. I am trying to minimize the amount of time spent installing programs after windows is installed, and since all of his addons now are svcpack.inf or runonceex addons, it makes that a bit difficult.

Edit: I just tested with RogueSpear's Adobe Reader installer and J2SE6.0u4 installer, it tries to install them to my live machine, so apparently nlite doesn't support this method. I'd like to request that it be added for nlite 1.5

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