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Problems booting HP DC7800 SFF with bootable WinPE2 USB-stick


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Has anyone else had problems booting in to WinPE v.2 environment with a HP DC7800 desktop computer?

I have to retry the booting almost five times until it boots in to the system. After that there is no problems. I also had problems with the nic drivers, but I updated the newest INTEL 1000 PRO Vista drivers to BOOT.WIM and after that they where functional.

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Another solution is to disable DEP in the BCD-store of your USB-device.

This can be done by following theses few steps :

Boot a system into PE from your USB-stick (disable DEP in the bios if needed)

from the PE command prompt type :

- "bcdedit /store [your USB-stick driveletter]\boot\bcd"

- this will give you the contents of the BCD-store on your USB-device

- locate the entry "Window Boot Loader", there you'll find the value "identifier", wich - in my case - has the value {default}. (this could also be {Current} in your case.)

- type "bcdedit.exe /store [your USB-stick driveletter]\boot\bcd /set {default} nx AlwaysOff" (replace {default} with {current} if needed.)

- reboot your system and restore the BIOS-setting to it's original value.

This disables the Windows PE DEP-functionality completely without messing around in the BIOS.

This sollution will not only work on the HP DC7800, but also in other systems.



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The fix posted by rc00451 worked for me. Thank you for that post. I have spent two days troubleshooting all sorts of things and would never have looked at that (or known to look at it.)

What is strange is that the default winpe.wim (and BCD) must have that setting configured to ignore the DEP setting in the BIOS because my initial test build worked on everything I booted without a problem. I made a new .wim adding in the WMI, HTA and scripting packages and almost everything would boot except for the DC7800 SFF and the DC7800 UltraSlim. So, of course I spent all of my time troubleshooting the package build process and wondering if I had missed a critical formatting procedure for the USB.

Thanks again.

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