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2 WPI on 1 CD


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Hi, i have been using WPI for a while now.

I currently have WPI setup on a separate CD (makes updating easier)

I am thinking about making the move to 64bit vista and I would like 2 WPI on 1 cd.

What I would like is when i insert the cd a option box appears asking if you to click 64bit or 32 bit. Then depending upon which one you click it will load WPI1 or WPI2 (one would be setup with 32bit programs the other 64bit programs)

So i guess i am asking is how can i get some sort of auto run option asking me which one to load?

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hey....it`s very easy

download MagicIso....it`s a freeware

check bootable CD/DVD

then you have to create the 2 ISOs and link everyone to one line

for example

((the example you can create even as shown))

1.Boot 1st HDD

2.Boot 2nd HDD

3.Boot 3rd HDD

4.Boot 4rd HDD

5.Boot Floppy Disk

6.Boot from CD

7.Boot WPI x86

8.Boot WPI x64

I had create good ISOs and i am going to publish them here soon

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thanks mate, but i think i was a bit unclear.

I want the autorun to be the windows inside autorun.

I.e. when your in windows and you put in a dvd ane a menu appears. Not a bootup menu

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* Added command line support to specify different config and user options

WPI.hta options=useroptions_mritter.js config=config_mritter.js check=Work timer=30

If a path is not specified for the file, it will assume they are in

It will still check for:

WPI.hta Work 30

for backwards compatibility. But update your tags, please. They will probably
change in the future. Thanks to Djé again for the code and help.

NOTE: Paths can be full (starting with a drive letter) or relative to WPI.hta
(starting with '.\' or '..\') and must end in '.js'. Spaces are supported only
is a path is provided and properly quoted: (config="c:\space in\file path.js").

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Um that doesnt do waht i want.

What I want is that when i put the cd in the drive a sort of message box appears offering 2 choices, 1 button loads 1 version of wpi, the other button loads another version.

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Actually it is exactly what you need, NOW you need the box to call the parameters.

Give me the name of the theme you are using in WPI and the Names you want each selection to be and I can make something up in Autoplay MenuBuilder.

It could be something nice and simple like this or I can add flashing text, cool looking buttons, music, wavery text, tooltips even slpash screens....

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My humble apologies sorry for that.

I am using the default theme.

I would like first Selection to be "XP" and the Second to be "Vista"

And exactly like that image would be fantastic!

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(options=.\wpiscripts\vista_options.js config=.\wpiscripts\vista_config.js) These are the parameters I used for the "Vista" selection so please make sure you save one of each as the names are here. "Vista_options.js" and "Vista_config.js" and make sure they are in the wpiscripts folder.

Also I have the file saved so please feel free to ask for any changes you may like.

And lastly this assumes all of the files are at the root of the drive i.e. wpi.hta and all of the folders at the root. Again very easy to change...

OH I assume you would like the link to DL it too huh :P


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