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Possible to make Vista drivers to XP?


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on Fujistu siemens homepage theres only the drivers for windows vista, but now i want to install windows XP, if i manage that, is it possible to let the drivers work on xp properly?

my laptop is an amilo pa 2548. but i cant find the sata drivers on their website, how to install xp? :(

Property Value

Type Direct Access Device

Vendor Western Digital

Model WDC WD16 00BEVS-07RST SCSI Disk Device

Disk Family WD Scorpio SATA

Interface IDE FIBRE

Size 160 GBytes

Removable No

Logical Disks C: D:

Location Tertiary Controller - Master drive

Form Factor 2.5"

Rotational Speed 5400 RPM (Nominal)

Average Latency 4.20 ms (Nominal)

Read Seek Time 12.00 ms (Average)

Track-To-Track Seek Time 2.00 ms (Average)

SMART Support No

If you need to know anything please ask

Some more info:





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Chipset, Network, SATA, SMbus, Etc


Webcam (same cam used by the Asus A6Km)


That should get you up and running-might need a few misc drivers after install but those should get you through the install.

if you need the sata drivers for F6 during text mode setup youll find them at C:\NVIDIA\nForceWin2KXP\14.10\IDE\WinXP\sataraid or C:\NVIDIA\nForceWin2KXP\14.10\IDE\WinXP\sata_ide after you extract you chipset drivers.

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I thought i figured it out.

I integrated the drivers for nForce 560. And it worked, it could see my harddrive.

But i was wrong :(

When i installed it, and it was ready to run (Windows xp), under windows boot screen BSOD came and it restarted. :(

Cannot even start in Safemode

Gonna try with your chipset

Do you think it will work?

These are the drivers burning now:


Last cd, :( Then i need to open a new pack - Spend 10+ cds on testing ^^

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