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I'm unable to play .ts file

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I'm having problem while playing a Transport Stream (.ts) file having following codecs:

Video: WVC1 1920x1080 29.97fps

Audio: Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch [Audio]

When I try to run the file through Windows Media Player 11, It just play the audio. The same happens with Media Player Classic.

Other players(from below) don't play it!

I've following Players, Codec Packs & softwares installed on my system(Windows XP Pro SP2 x86)

1) Windows Media Player 11

2) VLC player, K-Lite Codec Pack

3) Combined Community Codec Pack

4) HDTVPump Version 1.0.7

5) Direct X 9c

6) wvc1dmo.exe

Why don't it play???

Please Help!

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Make sure the WVC1 codec is properly installed:


* Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 (WMP9)/10 (WMP10)/11 (WMP11) Windows

Media Encoder Studio Edition (WMESE) Beta 1 for Windows XP SP2 video content

creation tools optimized for creating high quality offline VC-1 Windows

Media Video (WMV9) encoding: segment based re-encoding, full bit-depth

support, hardware acceleration, ISAN + Ad-ID metadata support, multiple

audio tracks support, encoding from multiple audio and video sources and

graphical bitstream analyzer (English):


WMESE [4.48 MB]:


Requires Microsoft .Net Framework Redistributable (NFR) 2.0 [22.4 MB, free]:


Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile (WMV9AP) Update Beta for Windows

2000/XP/2003 includes SMPTE VC-1 standard + Advanced Profiles support


WMV9AP [899 KB]:


How to install WMV9AP VC-1 Codec on Windows 98/NT4/ME:

1. Create C:\TEMP (example) from a DOS box:


2. Download wvc1dmo.exe (see above) into C:\TEMP .

3. Run:

C:\TEMP\wvc1dmo.exe /C /Q /T:C:\TEMP

4. Copy WVC1DMOD.DLL from C:\TEMP into %windir%\SYSTEM [%windir% = usually



5. Run this command from a DOS box:


6. Copy + paste text between cut & paste lines below in Notepad -> save as

WVC1_9X.REG (example) -> (double)-click on WVC1_9X.REG to merge into


-----Begin cut & paste here-----


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES\Windows Media\WMSDK\VideoEncode]


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES\Windows Media\WMSDK\VideoDecode\WVC1]


------End cut & paste here------

7. Delete C:\TEMP .


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i was able to install and play file with WVC codec in Windows Media Player 9. After download of codec i had to reboot system and after it i was able to play it.

But that video is in fullHD. you need a really strong processor for it. Also i experienced error when some HD formats were unable to render in some video players. the reason remained unknown to me, but it is possible that it is connected with HD quality - some renderers and filters are unable to handle so much pixels.

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