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Help with creating a service.


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Does anyone know where i can get advanced info on windows xp sevices; before you suggest sites such as blackviper as i need anther kind of info.

For the intergrating part of my application i will need to give the users the option to re-intergrate services:

I know how to create, delete, stop (etc) services. I will make use of the batch file commands that are available to xp as default (they will be embeded in the program etc). Everything is fine except that for the creation part of the "SC" command when the user selects a service for intergration i am unsure of what is required. I have the folowing (so far):

sc create browser start= demand

I need the following info for each service:

The binpath+ (binary path)







Display Name=


I know what the depend, display name, etc are used for but not sure whatto put; basically saying i know the dependencies but am usure of whatto type. For example do you just type the services (that are dependend upon) names.

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Particularly, pay attention to this:


Note that the command-line syntax for SC is rather odd. Key/value

pairs are specified as "key= value" (without the double-quotes). The

"key=" part must not have any spaces, and the "value" part MUST be

separated from the "key=" by a space.


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