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Help: I need to Get 2GB installed RAM working in Win98SE


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It is much simpler and faster to mirror a Partition from a Hard Disk or a CD directly to the RAMDISK.

Since my RAMDISKs are not limited in size, you can mirror the entire Windows Partition to RAMDISK and run entirely from RAM. I have already done this using a

CD and XMSDSK to install a small Windows system without using any Hard Drives. This was before I wrote my new RAMDISKs.

Owners of Computers with 4GB of RAM could put Windows in the fourth GB and still have the 3GB of working RAM.

Wow, I didn't think of mirroring a partition to RAMDISK. Eventually I will have to set up with my boot manager (System Commander) a separate "private" Win98 opsys selection which runs completely in RAM, besides the regular Win98 opsys selection which runs on HDD.

Over 10 years ago, before there were USB memory sticks, I set up Win95 to run on a laptop without a HDD, just from a boot floppy and an external (non-bootable) 1 GB Jaz drive connected via a SCSI PCMCIA card. Now the privacy aspect would be important, at that time it was a slick way to circumvent some mean copy-protection schemes which created hidden bad sectors (the Iomega Copy Machine sector copier even copied bad sectors).

Booting into a completely RAM-disk based Win98 would even delete at shutdown the info added to the "cloaked" (=not visible & access denied under Win98) Index.dat files created by the MS proto-root-kit in Win98 http://support.it-mate.co.uk/?mode=Product...=index.datsuite

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