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Completely updated, slipstreamed Win98 CD


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I'm not sure I'll need de-inf; I'm not planning to remove any components, but only to replace and add (at the moment)

My impression was (and I trust he'll correct me if I'm wrong) that he was suggesting if you do this that you approach it from the point of view of also give people the option of removing components from the outset rather than having to go back and try to add this in later, hence suggesting that deinf might be useful in this respect. I imagine that this probably looks like a lot more work, but at the end of the day it'd be less work than trying to retrofit it.

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not exactly sure where the mistatement was made, but i apologize for it.

i'm not disputing the chained cabs relationship. i was stating that i used additional cabs... but not that i replaced the originals.

if it was a mistatement that site made... :D the web's a crapshoot; always best to cross-reference, and still doubt. i was just referencing that site to give a different view of the layouts pointing at the cabs.

but... seeing as i'm here and actually logged in.

i've seen some discussions on linked cabs before(twas a while ago tho') and understand why we're not to use only some linked. but if a person were to redo it so all cabs were different sizes depending on their contents, and not chained, would it work? :)

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