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GUIDE: Download Everything Microsoft (MSDBuild v5.5)

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Where do you see this? Got any links?

nm, found it

ActiveX: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=39204

If you folks notice, this is the exact same link I provide in my guide. It's a static link--it doesn't change between ActiveX control versions. You just have to wait until Microsoft updates the download behind the static link. B)

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I tried everything to unpack Msdbuild.exe

I always get a Dos error.

5 different PC's

Looked the net for an alternative.

Followed all the tips and advises.

I seriously suspect the file got corrupted.

Can anyone sent me the clean file or post a link to the file.

Put it in a regular archive or whatever

Please need some help

it is really doing my head in

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I'm in the same boat as Lodi_Dodi...when I click on MSDBuild.exe to create the package, I get an error message saying "The NTVDM CUP has encountered an illegal instruction.". I've tried to get around this by using different computers, and even did a clean xp sp2 install, with no luck for any of those attempts.

Not sure if DarkShadow is still monitoring this thread or not, but if you are, I would appreciate any help/insight you can give on this. I've really appreciated using this pack in the past and would like to use it again if I can get this figured out.

Even just uploading a copy of that msdbuild.exe to rapidshare, etc. might be all I need?


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