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  1. There's a new version of WGA Validation Tool ActiveX:
  2. I've analyzed your MSDBuild.cmd batch script and noticed that on the script's OS checking (:winver), Windows 7 is version 7.* while it is version 6.1 and Vista is version 6.* which means that even if you're using Windows 7, it will say that you're using Windows Vista. Also, when I don't want to include some components to be built like Office Update, and ran MSDBuild.exe, it still finds these components and show an error and exit.
  3. Is there any way to make Windows Vista Defragmentation tool in GUI (Dfrgui.exe) to work in Windows PE 2.1? and integrate it to the drive properties dialog box in the Tools tab? I have made the command line version to work but the GUI version doesn't seem to work.
  4. I'm installing DirectX 9.0C August 2008 redist on my Windows XP SP3. When the installation is near to the end, the setup fails and says that looking into DirectX.log and DXError.log will show how the error occurs. When I look into the files, I saw the error and the log shows cpp and dll files failed to register. Everytime I install DirectX, this error always occur. What is the problem? Here are the log files: DirectX.log DXError.log
  5. I want to make a bootstrapper that can open a program or file silently. But I don't know what program to use. For example in office 2007 setup, setup.exe is the bootstrapper for a msi file that installs it.
  6. When I've installed Office 2007, I enabled all features including .net programmability support. When the progress bar reaches to the point in this pic, It doesn't move for 2 hours! so when the process is on "Applying Updates" I quit the installation. What's making the installation so slow? Here is the installation Log file. I'm Installing Ultimate Edition. The screenshot was not the actual one but the installation doesn't respond to that point.
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