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Creating Automatic FTP Uploads?


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I have a personal FTP server that I have set up, I have total control over what each user can do on this FTP. I also have a FTP through my website but it doesnt give me as much control. Here is what I am trying to do.....

A user uploads a file (usually around 75mb-200mb) to my personal FTP site, I want to have that FTP open only durring certain hours of the day.....This is all set up and running perfectly. I then want any files that have been uploaded for that day (in a certain folder) to be uploaded to my websites FTP.

Does anyone know of a script or program that I can use to automatically upload files from a certain folder to a FTP site nightly?

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What platforms are the personal FTP and website FTP? Depending on your answer to that question, you'll likely end up using a folder synchronization or backup tool (perhaps rsync) or you may be able to use an FTP that monitors folders and performs actions on them. I think GuildFTPd might interest you.

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