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Dual NICs = Faster?


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AFAIK with one NIC you already have 2 transmit and 2 receive pins.

A more practical use is setting up a router or Internet Connection Sharing where one NIC is the "internet port" and the other goes to a switch to connect other computers or just connect one.

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I honestly don't know why these motherboard manufacturers are putting 2 nics on a consumer/enthusiast boards. You could technically bridge the network connections and that would "double" your throughput, but unless that computer will be a server, you will never soak a single gigabit nic enough to warrant a second. You're more likely to be limited by the hard drive in the device than the network it's connected to.

Most times dual nics are for redundancy, i.e. 1 nic goes to 1 switch, the other goes to a 2nd switch. That way if 1 switch goes down, the server's network connection doesn't go down with it.

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