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Weird nLite 1.4 error!


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I am on a copy of XP that has been nLited with version 1.2.1 by the way.

Now I just downloaded the new nLite 1.4 and installed the new runtimeR3 in the same folder of course. Now I am getting this error when I press next after I locate the folder where my Windows XP software is. Here is a screen shot of the error.

Why am I getting this? When I press continue it practically freezes and never slipstreams the XP.


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I got the same error window when trying to locate my xp folder :blink:

when I uninstall this new version(1.4.9) and install 1.4.8, everything goes ok...by the way, I have installed the .netframework2.0 (official version)...so I think something wrong with this new version, PLZ check...thanks :whistle:

ps: It's on my windows xp sp3 when nliting my xp


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