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Patched EXPLORER.EXE files


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For 256-colour tray icons, change the following in explorer.exe (version 5.0.3900.6920, file size 242,448 bytes, located in main Windows directory):

at x618E, change 01 to 11

at x12235, change 01 to 11

at x12246, change 01 to 11

For those too lazy to click a link. Thanks Targaff for finding it.

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I got a problem, maybe somebody can help?

according to dr.hoiby's site:

Win 95B / explorer 4.72.3612.1700

should patch offset 3895: 00->11

However it is NOT correct, win doesnt load such patched explorer :(

I attached original unpatched and patched copies, I would appreciate if somebody could have look at either what wrong I did when patching it, or just patch the original for me.


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