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XP Powerpacker and SFC


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As long as the system you installed was with a powerpacked cd I assume. I have not attempted it myself. it may work on a system that wasn't installed with a powerpack disk... but I don't know. Sorry.

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Does a 'powerpacked' cd work with SFC?

i.e. will it pick up your cd when you do 'sfc /scannow'?

Yes, it does! In fact, I had to drive an hour to a site to run an SFC with one of my disks. I have a RunOnce script that copies over the I386 directory from the DVD to the root of the %SYSTEMDRIVE%. I'll even change the registry to point the SOURCEPATH to the %SYSTEMDRIVE%\I386 folder but it didn't work that day! I still had to provide the disk in order for SFC to complete the scan.


1203 EST

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